Slim Jesus, the artist behind the viral song “Drill Time,” recently spoke on the controversy and backlash he has received since releasing the aforementioned song in mid-August.

The rapper also opened up about the differences between his musical content, which he later admitted is fictitious for creative purposes, and his everyday reality.

“For the most part on the street shit, like, I got homies that are in that shit and I know people who are and people around me,” Slim Jesus said during a recent interview with VladTV. “I’m not out here catching bodies and shit, obviously. I’m fucking smart. I know people and I’ve been in some situations but I’m not out here fucking killing people. Nah [I don’t have a criminal record], I’m straight. I’ve never been arrested.

“I make music,” Slim Jesus adds. “Granted, I hang-out with people and shit but that don’t mean that I’m out here doing some dumb shit trying to ruin what I got going [on]. I realize that if you got an opportunity to get out of a spot, you shouldn’t be fucking around catching bodies and shit.”

Slim Jesus also spoke on his attraction to creating largely Chicago style music, when he himself hails from Hamilton, Ohio.

“For one, that’s just a lot of what I listen to,” he says. “I’m in no way trying to steal their thing, I’ll give credits to Chicago, they created the Drill movement. I listen to a lot of Chicago rappers and that’s just what I’m influenced by. On a side note though, my city has been for a long time referred to as ‘little Chicago’ because back in the day mobsters from Chicago used to come and have second homes there. Hamilton’s always been real influenced by Chicago, on the music end at least.”

Elsewhere in the conversation, Slim Jesus spoke on the lyrical content of his song “Drill Time,” which features him frequently referring to guns and the use of firearms.

“That shit’s dope,” he says of his music’s subject matter. “If I rapped about driving around in a fucking car and fucking listening to country music nobody would give a fuck about that shit. I make music about some shit because it sounds cool. I like making music. I make cool music. Like I already said, I’m not out here claiming that I actually kill people… I make music that I wanna listen to, the type of shit I listen to.

“If people don’t wanna respect me because what I make my music about, then that’s ok,” Slim Jesus later adds. “They can go to the other side, that’s alright. I’m not tripping.”

Slim Jesus’ interview with VladTV can be viewed below: