Pusha T is preparing the release of Darkest Before Dawn, the prequel to King Push.

In a recent interview with Billboard, the president of G.O.O.D. Music discussed the dark tone of the project, due out December 18.

“I was in a bit of an aggressive mind state [while recording the album] simply because I sort of feel like the last Rap superhero,” he told Billboard. “When you look at just the state of Rap [now], I feel like it’s a lot of complaining and vulnerability, and rappers being victimized.”

Pusha T says that Jay Z and Raekwon are some of his biggest influences. He explains his displeasure with the current Rap industry stems from the fact that these rappers did not dwell on emotions in their music.

“That’s not the attitude that my favorites had and that’s not the attitude that the greats had when I was coming up,” he says. “These guys were really like superheroes to me. They dressed fresh. They rapped fresh. I thought they owned the world. I look at rappers now and it’s like, man, it’s just a sad case of poor business and the artistry is being questioned. It’s just too much.”

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