Pusha T has been plotting on his second album, King Push, since almost immediately after the release of his first, My Name Is My Name. Last August, in an interview with XXL, Push said outright, again, “I’m going for album of the year.”

In a new interview with Vibe he says the same thing, again, but expands on the ambition. He also drops details about what it’s like working with an all-star roster of producers that includes but is not limited to Kanye West, Pharrell, Puff Daddy, and more.

[A$AP] Rocky’s the only person I’ve played my album for,” he said. “Listen, he was very high but we were in London vibing, listening to his music. I started playing some of my music as well. We’re both gonna have great years man. We’re both gonna have a great year.”

Speaking directly about the record Pusha maintained his lofty goal of “album of the year.”

“I’ma give you Hip Hop album of the year again,” he said. “Listen, and y’all asked me before, and I said I wasn’t gon’ say it quite yet ’cause I wasn’t sure. But nah, I’m gonna give you Hip Hop album of the year.”

As for the production on the record, Pusha jokingly compared West and Puffy to a pair of legendary Hollywood filmmakers after explaining how he’s “learning from the GOATs.”

“I call him Sean Pacino,” Pusha said of Puffy. “I been calling him Sean Pacino unbeknownst to him…Ye has his own Coppola-esque craziness. Like I said, I learn from [them] all. These are directors bros. These guys are directors. Pharrell as well. The Dream as well. Dream is probably one of the most talented I’ve ever met. I’ve never seen anybody take control of a beat the way in which he does and really understand it. I don’t even know if it’s him singing half the time. I just feel like somebody’s telling him what to do off of the music. He’s one of my favorites to watch, to like literally watch in the studio.”

Through it all Pusha also said that he’s taking cues from all of them.

“I don’t wanna give away too much about my album,” he said. “I can say that I’m working with the GOATs and I’m learning from the GOATs. Y’all are listening to an album, I’m going to school. So just know when I hand in my test.”