Reactions from those in the Hip Hop community have begun to trickle in following yesterday’s (November 24) release of video footage, which shows 17-year-old Laquan McDonald being shot well over a dozen times by police in Chicago.

Most artists have reacted to the news via social media. Long Island lyricist Freddie Foxxx spoke on the hate that must have been present for a police officer to shoot McDonald 16 times.

“Only hate can make you empty a full clip on a young teenager who was obviously no threat. 16 Shots of Hate. #LaquanMcDonald,” Foxxx wrote in a tweet sent last night.

Chance The Rapper offered words of encouragement to his city, and revealed that he’ll be back shortly.

“Be strong Chicago…I’ll be back in 2 days,” Chance said in two separate tweets.

One Chicago rapper in particular hit the pavement to march with protesters in Chicago following the release of the shooting video. Vic Mensa uploaded several posts to social media as he walked with protesters last night.

One Twitter user asked Mensa why he chose to protest, and recorded his response on video.

“We in downtown Chicago right now. I just got hands put on me by police. We want justice for Laquan. We want justice for our people,” Vic Mensa said in response to the question.

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