Reggie Ossé of The Combat Jack Show sat down with HipHopDX’s Editor-in-Chief Justin Hunte recently to discuss Redman’s influence on Hip Hop music and culture.

During the conversation, which featured as part of this weekend’s DX Daily, Combat Jack spoke on why he believes Redman is underrated before attempting to place a rank on Redman’s spot in the game.

“Redman is definitely underrated,” he says. “[He’s] one of the best lyricists ever who bought a sense of theatrics to the game. His persona has always been larger than life. He’s mellowed out over the years but it’s like Uncle Red, you know what I’m saying? When Uncle Red comes by you know he’s a solid cat, unpredictable, but solid.

“I think the reason why he’s underrated is because what he does is so effortless,” he continues. “There’s no effort in him dropping some amazing bars and look at the people he’s inspired: Eminem [who is] in so many people’s Top 5. And maybe people forget about Red because there’s not really a premium on lyricism anymore. But, you know, Top 10, Top 20, definitely [in] the first half of your Top 50. He definitely has to be there because he’s changed the game. His camaraderie that he has with Method Man, and being an extended [member] of the Wu-[Tang Clan] family.”

Combat Jack’s interview with HipHopDX can be viewed below: