Siya is one of Hip Hop’s most notable females and part of the reason she’s able to stand out is her uniqueness.

Recently sitting down with HipHopDX News Editor Soren Baker, the California native says she’s not a fan of any artist who isn’t versatile.

“I’m not a fan of artists who aren’t versatile. Period,” she said via a segment of today’s (November 12) DX Daily. “I feel like nowadays a lot of rappers, and I won’t be specific, but a lot of rappers sound the same on every single song. It’s repetitive and it’s annoying and it just feels fake and forced.”

Siya also explained why she’s been able to keep things different and why others have to “fake the funk.”

“Hip Hop has a lot of artists afraid to be themselves period,” she relayed. “So, with that, they got to fake the funk. With me, it’s just natural man. I genuinely rap about things that I’ve been though or things I’m currently going through and that’s what keeps me so versatile.”

Watch the full DX Daily segment below: