Jeezy’s friend Pookie Loc was shot and killed in 2005 by Gucci Mane at the height of the beef between Gucci Mane and Jeezy. Guwop was not convicted in the case because he claimed self-defense.

Jeezy had remained quiet about the incident, but discusses it on “Forgive Me,” a track from his forthcoming album, Church In These Streets.

“Rest in peace to Pookie Loc blame it on me never snitching / Lord knows I ain’t send the homie on no dummy mission,” he raps.

The Atlanta rapper explains why it took him a decade to address the shooting on Genius.

“I never spoke on it and over the years it’s something that bothered me because I felt I was never able to explain the situation because that’s against the G-Code,” he writes on the annotation website. “I just wanted to put that in the air like, ‘Lord knows I would never send homie on no dummy mission.’ I got too much love. But as a real G and a real man, I’m gonna let it stay where it’s at. You can make your assumptions, throw your rocks and stones as you may.”

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