RapLords is slated to release its #RapLords album November 10. The project is streaming today (November 5) exclusively on HipHopDX.

The 12-track collection from Dana Coppafeel, SPEAK Easy and producer Mammyth features the Milwaukee trio paying homage to DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince‘s “Summertime” on “2 mph.” The collection also includes a variety of featured guests from different regions, which was deliberate.

Open Mike Eagle was a no brainer,” Dana Coppafeel says during an exclusive interview with HipHopDX. “He’s a buizzing artist in LA and we hosted him in Milwaukee for a show, he gladly did the track for us. To create a national sound we wanted some NY emcees, and through the connections we’ve made were able to reach out to Skyzoo – who we’ve always wanted to work with – and Punchline.  

“The Guilty Simpson feature became available to us from the featured producer, and to continue to roll with national features we did not miss the opportunity to grab that track,” he continues. “The rest of the album is sprinkled with features that we had in the vault from prior sessions, or we called on during the building process to vibe with in the studio and create a well rounded sound for the album as a whole.” 

The #RapLords tracklist and album stream is as follows:

  1. CRWN (Dana Coppafeel & SPEAK Easy feat Sky Zoo)
  2. Ugly (Dana Coppafeel & SPEAK Easy feat Vonny Del Fresco) Produced by Mammyth
  3. Take It To Go (Dana Coppafeel & SPEAK Easy feat Punchline & Vincent VanGREAT) Produced by Mammyth
  4. 2 mph (Dana Coppafeel & SPEAK Easy feat Haz Solo) Produced By White Russian & Mammyth
  5. Coolin’ Dana Coppafeel & SPEAK Easy feat Signif Produced by Mammyth
  6. Intrinsic Behavior (Dana Coppafeel & SPEAK Easy feat Guilty Simpson) Produced by Grimace Eats Produce (g.e.p)
  7. Here We Come (Dana Coppafeel) Produced by Mammyth
  8. Elixir (SPEAK Easy) Produced by Mammyth
  9. Microphone Philosopher (SPEAK Easy) Produced by White Russian
  10. Things We Do (Dana Coppafeel feat Vincent VanGREAT) Produced by Mammyth
  11. 2015 Excursions (Dana Coppafeel & SPEAK Easy) Produced by J.J. Jabber
  12. Opposite Hues Dana Coppafeel & SPEAK Easy feat Open Mike Eagle & J.J. Jabber Produced by Mammyth