Ave’s battle against Nunn Nunn at SMACK/URL’s “Summer Madness 5 Proving Grounds” event in Brooklyn, New York is one of 10 battles highlighted by BattleRap.com in its “The Top Rap Battles from October” story.

The article points to Ave’s performance as a highlight of the match. “The amount of material he stuffs into each round is mind-boggling,” the story says. “Seriously, take a drink every time you make the Jaz face and you’ll probably pass out.” 

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Another battle discussed in the BattleRap.com story is the KOTD “World Domination 5” face-off between Charron and John John Da Don.

Charron “once again delivers a well-rounded performance,” the story says. “He should be careful not to essentially repeat bars his opponent has just said (what happened with that ‘Grinch’ line?), but Charron’s rebuttals make him extremely dangerous.”

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