DJ Drama’s ex-wife Summer P. Walker alleged on Twitter today (November 2) that he sent Drake’s reference tracks to Meek Mill.

She begins by referring to her alimony payment from DJ Drama.

“It’s due on 1st,” she says. “Also I’m guessing you don’t want to talk about going to counseling to get back together? @djdrama I can show that email too..”

DJ Drama responds to her assertion with an explanation of why he hasn’t paid her yet.

“The 1st was a Sunday,” he says. “Your alimoney will be paid tomorrow. @summerwalker . Cool?”

Summer Walker responds by outing DJ Drama as the source of the Quentin Miller reference tracks.

“maybe we should talk about how you couldn’t do a lump sum payment because you are broke? @djdrama because I would’ve rather that …Or how you told me that you gave Meek Drake‘s reference tracks to make him feel better about Quinten not wanting to work with him?” she says.

This summer, Meek Mill named Quentin Miller as Drake’s ghostwriter and said the Toronto rapper doesn’t write his own raps. Funkmaster Flex released multiple reference tracks with Miller rapping Drake songs such including “Know Yourself” and “10 Bands.”

Drake name-dropped Walker on “I’m the Plug” from What a Time to Be Alive, his joint album with Future.

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