Rappers and branding has reached its pinnacle over the last few years.

Kevin Gates has branded himself in a few different ways since making becoming a name in Hip Hop. Now, perhaps one of his most cleaver endeavors has a home.

According to Vending Times, Houston-based Candyman Vending Services has decided to take on the New Orleans native’s energy drink named after his hit song “I Don’t Get Tired.” The beverage is slated to be distributed in the Houston and Austin areas.

Andre Bramwell, the CEO of Candyman Vending Services, has a history of collaborating with rappers. He’s decorated vending machines with the faces of Riff Raff, Krayzie Bone and others. In September, Bramwell told Vending Times why he deals in Hip Hop and why his products are beneficial to those who use his branding.

“My vending network allows the artists to get their own customized vending machine and ATM to be placed in businesses–where they get a commission and promote their brand–or in their own home, to use on tour, or whatever they may like,” he explained.

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