Sasha Go Hard recently spoke on her views towards the current crop of female rappers in the music industry.

“Everybody in their own lane,” the Chicago emcee said during a recently published interview with DJ Smallz. “Everybody doing their own thing, just trying to come up or trying to get money or doing it because they love it. It’s funny with females because most females be fake. They up smiling in your face, wanna work with you just because [of] where you at so you gotta be careful because you don’t know who really rock with you.”

Later in the conversation, Sasha Go Hard opened up about her thoughts on Nicki Minaj, and why she looks at the Young Money rapper as motivation.

“I love Nicki Minaj,” she said. “There’s nothing that makes me dislike Nicki Minaj, she’s Nicki Minaj. As far as her music, her music dope. I could listen to a whole CD of Nicki Minaj and [wouldn’t not] like it… She [is] kind of motivation because once you watch her, being a female rapper, it’s like, ‘I wanna get them numbers on my videos’ and ‘I wanna get money like that.’ I salute her.”

Elsewhere, Sasha Go Hard spoke on Dej Loaf and Iggy Azalea.

“Dej Loaf? She doing her thing too,” she said. “I love her voice. She got a different type of voice on her songs and that’s one of the things I like about her.”

“I love Iggy [Azalea],” she added. “She in her own lane definitely. She do different music but she can still get people to rock with her no matter who you are. I like her.”

Sasha Go Hard’s interview with DJ Smallz can be viewed below:

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