A group of artists is suing Eleven Paris for trademark infringement, Complex reports.

The official court documents were filed on Tuesday (October 6) and list Beyonce, Kanye West, Pharrell, Rihanna and Jay Z. The group lists more than 50 claims of “publicity violations, willful trademark infringement, unfair competition and dilution, among a score of other blatant statutory and common law violations.”

The case says that Beyonce sent multiple cease and desist letters asking the company to stop selling products with her name and likeness before filing the suit.

The products in question include T-shirts, backpacks and phone cases with the artists wearing ski masks similar to that worn by Beyonce for the “On The Run Tour” and featuring numbers associated with the artists such as Jay Z‘s “99 Problems” and Rihanna‘s birth year, 1988.

The artists are demanding that Eleven Paris stop production of the products and repay them the profits and legal fees.

Eleven Paris Jay Z Kanye West Rihanna Beyonce Pharrell
Eleven Paris Jay Z, Kanye West, Pharrell, Rihanna, Beyonce