Rick Ross says that although the majority of fans and spectators are scoring the recent feud between Drake and Meek Mill in Drake’s favor, perception isn’t always everything.

During a recent conversation with Angie Martinez, Ross compared the feud to his own rift with 50 Cent and explained how such a situation enriched him as an artist.

“Perception isn’t always what it is,” the MMG frontman says. “I was perceived once to be losing to an artist or in a battle [and] I tripled my worth in less than 12 months. So when you a person in my position and with my experience, it’s a lot of good things that can come from this… Meek not in trouble at all.

“When I got in different things, said different things, there was people that criticized me [like], ‘Nah, we ain’t with that no more’ and as soon as I came back with ‘MC Hammer’ they was buying VIP tickets, then paying for the pictures,” Rick Ross adds. “[The] perception was [that I wasn’t gonna bounce back from that] and now we got 100-room mansions. The advice I share with Meek is, ‘Make music, and move when you ready to move. We don’t move for nobody else. We move when we ready to move.’”

Elsewhere in the conversation, Rick Ross weighed in on 50 Cent’s recent chapter 11 bankruptcy filing.

“He did it for fun? You think Jay Z would have filed bankruptcy? You think Puff Daddy would have filed bankruptcy to not pay somebody?” Rick Ross asks Angie Martinez who says that she doesn’t believe 50 Cent is broke. “Get Rich or Die Tryin’ and now you bankrupt. You could come back here tomorrow and explain it and say ‘I’m doing this, I’m doing that.’ Stop! There’s holes in your roof, fam. Keep it real.”

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