Meek Mill reportedly took to social media last month to declare that he was “not entertaining no rap/real beef over Drake” after a two-month beef with the Toronto rapper.

However, Jahlil Beats says that he doesn’t think Meek Mill has said his last about the battle.

“I don’t think it’s over,” the producer says on CBS Radio’s podcast. “I know Meek Mill. I just feel like we made history. This is the first real beef in the social media age. Two top artists. Meek is coming off a number one album. Drake been accomplishing so much.”

In July, the Philadelphia rapper took to Twitter to say that Drake doesn’t write his own raps. Drake responded with two diss tracks, which Jahlil Beats says weren’t very impressive to him. He details hearing “Back To Back,” Drake’s second of the songs, with Meek Mill and seeing it as a challenge.

“I thought it was dope that he was actually rapping because I honestly didn’t expect Drake to even say anything,” the producer says. “I thought he was going to sweep it under the rug, but the fact that he even came out and dissed him twice, I was like ok, alright we going to have some fun now. That’s pretty much what it was. I don’t think that it was too crazy. I think that he was trying to bait him. I think it was really overhyped on the Internet honestly.”

Meek Mill then released his only Drake diss track so far, “Wanna Know,” which Jahlil Beats produced. He sampled the theme song for the WWE wrestler The Undertaker.

“I just thought sampling something like that would be a movie,” he says. “It was like the entrance. It came from left field. I don’t think people would even imagine him coming back to a beat like that. I knew it would throw people off.”

One of the jabs Drake takes at Meek Mill on “Back To Back” is calling him “Twitter fingers” for igniting the feud on the social media platform. Jahlil Beats doesn’t see a problem with his friend’s use of the Internet to express himself.

“At the end of the day, I think people need to focus on the fact that this is good for Hip Hop,” he says. “People don’t really appreciate the dude because of what he does on social media, but think about this, imagine if Tupac had Twitter or Instagram. Everybody so sensitive nowadays. Let people speak their mind. Everybody so sensitive about everything. It’s just crazy.”

Jahlil Beats says that he and Meek Mill are continuing to make music and that the rapper’s body of work is ultimately what will define his career.

“You can make the best diss record ever and put out hot trash afterwards,” he says. “I think a lot of dudes where their careers ended, a lot of these rappers stopped making music. They went on a little hiatus. We back working again. We got some records coming.”

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