The Game recently revealed some of the features that fans can expect to hear on the second disc of his forthcoming, highly anticipated album, The Documentary 2.

Thus far, only the tracklist for the first disc of the project, which is scheduled for an October 9 release, has been unveiled. The second disc is set to hit shelves a week later on October 16.

“I think that I’m the only Hip Hop artist that can put out a really good body of work and call it an album and have features like Q-Tip and Nas on the same album as Kendrick [Lamar] and YG,” The Game said during a recent interview with the Ear Candy Morning Show. “Ice Cube and Dr. Dre are featured on the album. It’s a double-disc so Nas is on disc two. [Lil] Wayne is on disc two. YG is on disc two. But you got Kanye [West], Drake, [Ice] Cube and Dre and Kendrick on disc one and it sort of plays out like a movie. It’s just like one long ride through L.A. You got Sway [Calloway] doing a skit. Me and Sway drove through L.A. and got sweated in real life by some Crips so we turned it into [a skit]. Sway [didn’t bitch up], Sway is a G… That turned into a skit and then during that skit we talk about how the whole shooting with me a G-Unit went down ten years ago. The album is dope, man.”

Elsewhere in the conversation, The Game spoke on his feud with 50 Cent and also discussed the recent reunion of his former group G-Unit.

“The likelihood of that happening is slim to none,” The Game says while discussing the possibility of a reunion with 50 Cent. “I guess it’s like The Beatles beef. Sometimes you get two people and they just won’t reconcile. That’s what Jimmy Iovine used to say when we first split. He was like, ‘You guys, I had the Black Beatles in G-Unit and you guys just ruined it.’ At that time I was young and I just felt like, ‘Fuck Jimmy,’ I’m not trying to hear that. I hate 50. These days I don’t harbor any hate for anybody in G-Unit. I’m kind of just doing my thing. They reunited on a small-scale and did they thing. I wasn’t hating on that, I thought it was cool because number one Young Buck is my friend outside of music and I thought it was dope that 50 even gave him an opportunity to add some years to his career and put some more money in his pocket so it’s all good.”

The Game’s interview with the Ear Candy Morning Show can be heard below:

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