Common is slated to start the filming of a new drama for the cable network Showtime.

“We’ll be shooting a pilot really soon,” the Chicago rapper says of the series to Chicago Magazine. “We’re showing the world what it is to be a young person growing up in Chicago, the good and the tough parts. The humanity. I’ve been around the world, and when I mention what the death rate has been here, and the violence that’s here, they don’t know, cause there’s so much going on in the world. But this is about a coming of age, and young people learning, and the things that they go through, and how beautiful they are but how much of it is a struggle.”

Common is reportedly working on the series, which has yet to have a title, with fellow Chicagoan Lena Waithe. She has written for Bones and Hello Cupid.

Common also explained why the second installment of his Aahh! Fest was cancelled this year.

“The first one was so great,” he says. “We know the next one we do has to be great and we just felt this year we didn’t have all the tools or things we wanted to make it as dope as it could be.”

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