Although Donald Trump found his cover of TIME magazine to be “a great honor,” Harlem singer/rapper Azealia Banks was quick to bash the cover Trump found honorable.

In a tweet sent as a reply to Trump’s reveal of the TIME cover, Banks informed the presidential candidate that Adolf Hitler was also once featured on the cover of the magazine.

“@realDonaldTrump @TIME Adolf hitler was time magazines man of the year in 1938 … Ur not special,” Azealia Banks tweeted on August 25.

Banks’ remark on Twitter has received over 18,000 retweets as of today (September 1).

Days prior to her tweet about the TIME cover, the musician expressed her “hate” for Trump on Twitter as she declared, “I hate you Donald Trump. I hope someone drops a rat down the back of your shirt during your next speech.”

In addition to Azealia Banks, other artists who have called out Donald Trump include Jeezy, Waka Flocka Flame, Kap G, and Flo Rida.

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