Tupac’s estate announced an art contest via Twitter yesterday (August 24).

The social media art exhibit requires people to post original art inspired by Tupac to either Instagram or Twitter.

On September 13, the family says it will pick out 20 of the best pieces they’ve been sent and feature them on Tupac’s social media pages.

The tweet featuring the tweet from The Estate Of Tupac Shakur is as follows:

(The original post in this thread was published August 24, 2015. It is as follows.)

The official Twitter account of The Estate of Tupac Shakur said yesterday (August 23) that it is going to make a special announcement today (August 24).

“Return tomorrow at 5pm EST for a special announcement from The Estate of Tupac Shakur,” the post reads with a piece of artwork depicting the rapper on a white background with splashes of color. The picture has the quote “Expect me…” written on it.

Follow @2pac for the announcement.

There have been talks about a Tupac biopic directed by John Singleton who worked with the late rapper on Poetic Justice. Singleton stepped down from directing a film that he said was not coordinating with Tupac’s estate.

Marcc Rose, who played Tupac in Straight Outta Compton, said that he and Singleton would make a film once Tupac’s family were given the rights to make the movie.

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