Earlier this week, upstate New York rapper Post Malone appeared on Ebro In The Morning on Hot 97 to speak on his musical upbringing, his style, and more.

In regards to his passion for music, Malone revealed that it stems from his father playing a variety of genres of music when he was growing up, including folk, funk, and rap.

“I’m from Syracuse. I’m from upstate,” Post Malone said. “When I was 10 I moved to Dallas. My dad was always playing music. Not like playing music, but listening to music. And he put me on everything…Folk and funk and rap. I moved to Dallas and I started making music. So, that’s really it. And from then on I just started making what I like. Playing guitar. And writing my own songs. And just making music.”

The genuineness of the 20-year-old rapper’s music and style became the topic of conversation later in the interview as artists like Iggy Azalea and RiFF RaFF were brought up. Malone again credited his sound to being put on to a variety of genres at an early age.

And in regards to his style, he says he’s always had an interest in gold teeth and braids.

“I mean, ever since I was a little kid I wanted gold teeth,” he said. “I always loved shiny stuff. That’s just what I’m into. That’s kind of my style, but the braids came across—I got braids one time. I said I felt like the white Iverson. I just felt cool, confident…When I was a kid, my dad he played everything. N.W.A and Ice T, Body Count. I remember him playing Body Count. It was like rock. It was like rock rap and it was just a cool sound. Tupac, Biggie, just everything…I just love music. I grew up appreciating music. And appreciating people that love music and make music.”

Post Malone’s interview on Hot 97 can be found below.