As the critics continue to praise Little Brother’s The Minstrel Show, it seems as if the controversy surrounding the group continues. According to Squeeze Radio 89.9 in New York City, BET has reportedly stated that Little Brother’s “Lovin It” video will not be played due to the fact that it is “too intelligent.”

While there has been no formal statement from BET as of yet, the issue at hand is the fact that the video is nothing more than a hip hop concert video that does nothing to go over the heads of the average viewer. This adds to the list of interesting happenings over the course of the last month.

Last month brought forth the resignation of Joshua “Fahiym” Ratcliffe after his staff’s 4 ½ mic rating was knocked down by Benzino and Dave Mays. Rumors also ran rampant that the album would have garnered a XXL rating had it not been for Common’s XXL rating before and Kanye West’s XXL rating after.

Little Brother’s The Minstrel Show hits shelves September 13th.