At the height of hurricane season and more than five days after disastrous Katrina hit New Orleans, Mississippi, and parts of Alabama there’s no relief in sight for the 50,000 victims that still remain in New Orleans. Destitute “refugees” grow hostile as the federal government offers little help; so it seems. Should anything like this be occurring in America? Hell no! After a third of the police force cowardly evacuated the city, those that remain have nothing. Fearing for their lives and safety still no answers as shots ring out over a live news broadcast while individuals speak with reporters.

Why is it that Fidel Castro, dictator of Cuba, has offered to help but it seems President Bush is staggering a few steps behind. When the Tsunami hit Thailand Bush was quick to swoop down from his secure nest that is settled in the protective corners of the White House and help them to rebuild. Yet, it has taken days for proper help to reach one of the richest cities in the U.S. The question is, as many are asking, “where and why is it taking so long?” Does our president care more about a foreign country then us? Is the government in a sense punishing those that could not evacuate?

Lack of necessary resources and unsanitary conditions pose serious health risks for those individuals that remain in this dilapidated, to say the least, city. Dead bodies, dead animals, raw sewage, fecal matter, oil and other hazardous matter now decorate the streets of New Orleans that was less than a week ago the Mardi Gras capital. Reports describe such vivid pictures as a woman’s lifeless body in the middle of the street being eaten by rats. Numerous graphic images show dead bodies face down floating in the water. An image remains in my mind of an elderly woman that died in her wheel chair and was pushed to the side with only a blanket covering her body while another body lie behind her covered with a sheet. Those were somebody’s family members. That was somebody’s mother, sister, aunt. America is the richest country, but the government allows such devastation to continue. FEMA Director Mike Brown said he had no knowledge of the conditions at the Convention Center in New Orleans until Thursday. How unlikely is that?

Entertainers are stepping up and donating as much as 1 million dollars a piece in an effort to help the victims of this catastrophe. American citizens throughout the U.S. are coming together to raise funds to help those who desperately need it.

The mayor of New Orleans issued a statement saying, “I don’t to see anybody doing anymore God damn press conferences until we get some resources down here” but later recanted with “President Bush is very serious…and very engaging…”.

The untimely destruction by Katrina has impacted not only the south but the entire U.S. Americans have been hit hard in the pockets at the busiest time of the year, Labor Dayweekend. Across the board gas prices are as steep as $5.89 in central VA and as much as $6.09 in parts of Atlanta. As we move out of summer and into fall gas prices do not seem to stabilize. There are further forecast that electrical bills will be affected as well.

It’s time to call out the federal government. They need to do more to protect and ensure the safety of those left behind. The majority of which are African-American. To many that are stranded the rescue missions become an issue of race. Those left behind feel isolated as they sleep along side of the highway waiting for buses that never show. They feel like the lost and forgotten. Bush, you, your administration, and the federal government are being called out! It’s time to STEP UP YOUR GAME!! America is under siege.