During an interview with Complex, Raekwon imagines what superhero he would be. The Wu-Tang Clan rapper says that his King Kwon alter ego would erase all the sucka emcees and help uplift the less fortunate in the streets with his King Kwon super powers.

“I might go to a neighborhood and see an unfortunate kid, I would give him all the elements,” Raekwon says during the interview. “You know, if he wanted to be a great writer, I would make sure that he had the best pens. I would design a nice desk for him and set up a studio for him and make him smile at the end of the day like, ‘Thanks King Kwon’ and I fly out in the sky.”

Raekwon also states that King Kwon may be running with his sidekick “Eraser Head” on some days to wipe out all the villains from the streets, sucker emcees, haters and people with bad intentions.

“He’s got the flat top but his head is shaped like an eraser and all that,” Raekwon says. “King Kwon and Eraser Head, we just be running around just wiping out all suckas and people that really don’t represent what we represent.”

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