Florida rapper Gunplay serves as the latest Hip Hop artist to share their thoughts on Meek Mill calling out Drake for not writing his own raps. Gunplay was asked about the social media melee during a newly-released interview with AllHipHop.com, and although he didn’t speak too much on ghostwriting, he did voice his support for Meek.

He also clarified that he has no issue with Drake, but is “riding with Meek” due to his affiliation with the “big homie,” Rick Ross.

“I’m not tripping on that…Again, you got a problem with one of my homeboys, you got a problem with me,” Gunplay said. “I fuck with dog. I’m not saying that I call every day, I been to any of his houses or nothing like that. It’s not that deep. But you fuck with my big homie. You fuck with my big homie. My big homie fucks with you. So, from a distance it ain’t nothing but love. I got you…I’m riding with Meek.”

Prior to speaking on Meek Mill versus Drake, Gunplay addressed comparisons to ODB. He first shot down a statement that ODB was “wild,” and then added that, similar to him, ODB was just his self.

“He wasn’t wild,” he said when asked about the late ODB. “He was his self. He didn’t say ‘I need to wear this. I need to act like that. I need to talk like this.’ He was his self. And I [relate to] that. Cause I always been myself. Always. Since I was a kid. You know what I’m saying? And I don’t bite my tongue. If I’m wrong and I realize I’m wrong, I’ll apologize later. But as for now, I’m gonna tell you what’s on my mind. I don’t care about the politically correct shit. The politics is all fucked up anyway.”

Gunplay’s interview with AllHipHop.com can be found below.

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