Gunplay is slated to release his forthcoming album, Living Legend on July 31 and has been making some press runs recently to promote the album.

Sitting down with Dan LeBatard and Bomani Jones of ESPN’s showHighly Questionable a few days ago, the Maybach Music Group emcee was asked about his rough past with the law and also the night he fought 50 Cent at the BET Awards in 2012. When prompted about the fight, during which he claims he was still on the run from police, Gunplay says 50 was hiding behind people (which have previously rumored to be his bodyguards) and claims that he landed a few blows on Fif.

“All I know is I got off,” he said when asked about the fight. “I don’t know who he was hiding behind. I got off. I don’t care what happened to me after that, but I got off… Everybody know that. My veins don’t pump no cool aid jack.” He also claims he was uninjured during the bout and turned himself into police custody just days later: “I seen 50 Cent, and I took off on him. I turned myself in 6 days later without a scratch on my face.”

The Miami-based rapper also detailed being on the run from the law and says that he had to “get his affairs in order,” which apparently meant spending time on his musical career. It’s something he says he’s a lot more focused on these days.

“I left in the middle of the night, with me and my girl, and I just wanted to get my affairs in order first before I turned myself in,” he explained. “That’s really what I was doing when I was on the run along with shooting, I shot like 15 videos, I released a mixtape during the time, I went to acting school during that time. I just didn’t want to stop working.”

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