In a surprise move, Ma$e popped up on the latest G Unit Radio show on Shade 45 to announce his return to the rap game. In addition, he spoke about religion, slain rapper Big L and a possible album release on G-Unit Records.

Its the music I wanna make, not the music everybody wants me to make, he told DJ Whoo Kid. When asked to elaborate on what that meant he simply said, the Ma$e you know, indicating that Murda Ma$e might be back.

Ma$e also addressed his religious obligations, which were often the topic of conversation upon his first return. At the end of the day, all dudes have God somewhere in their hearts, so lets just put that to the side and do music. He later went on to add: All I need is two inspirational records the other 16 are going to be Ma$e.

No topic was too sensitive on the satellite radio show and a usually reserved Ma$e had plenty to say. He hinted at having some of his rhymes stolen from former rhyme partner and slain rapper Big L

Big L brought me on the scene and I used to rhyme with him when they used to do records, God bless the dead they would never put me on the records. But all of the hot lines he was saying, and even in his grave I gotta tell this, those were my lines. I used to say those lines in the park and they would put them out in song.

On his relationship with P. Diddy : Its really nothing personal, I just dont want to be there, he said, referring to Bad Boy Records, and I already proved if I dont feel it I wont work.

So what will Ma$e be like when he comes back? I aint going 50 [Cent] though, Ima be right in between, I aint gon be Usher neither. Look for Ma$e on the upcoming Get Rich or Die Trying soundtrack.