The Parsi Zoroastrian community in India is suing Snoop Dogg for his appearance in “King,” a song by Iranian pop songstress Amitis, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Zoroastrianism is the religion of the Parsi, a minority people in India. The group is also suing the government of India

In the “King” video, Snoop Dogg appears sitting in a gold chair topped with an image of the symbol Faravahar. In a different part of the video, Amitis is shown lying under an image of Faravahar.

Faravahar represents “the eternal spirit of the human being and features three layers of feathers, two streamers for the duality of good and evil, and the left-facing head of a man, Zoroaster,” the Los Angeles Times says.

The Parsi people are descendants of Persians who fled Iran 1,000 years ago because of religious persecution. The lawsuit claims that the singer should have known of this history.

The Parsi population has dropped from 115,000 in the 1940s to 69,000 in 2001.

“Parsis for the first time have started to feel insecure as none care for their religious beliefs due to their dwindling numbers,” the lawsuit reads.

Members of Parsi Zoroastrian Assn. of Kolkata want the video to be taken down from YouTube.

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