Parody website Clickhole analyzed Jay Z’s The Blueprint.

The album was released on September 11, 2001, the same day that the United States experienced a series of terrorist attacks.

The Blueprint should’ve been lost to history,” the article says. “The world as we knew it was collapsing around us, yet somehow the album not only succeeded but made history of its own. It was Jay Z’s turn-of-the-century masterpiece, a monumental achievement that disrupted the tides of Hip Hop.”

Clickhole recreates an “Ether”-styled feud between Jay Z and Nas.

“I wasn’t gonna let Jay come out on top,” Nas says.

“Nas had disrespected me,” Jay Z says, “and all that mattered to me was making something bigger and better than Nas’ bathtub music, something that could be listened to virtually anywhere in a house. I wanted to make songs so good that they would cause bees to halt mid-flight and start spraying out a new kind of honey that man had never tasted before—a richer, spicier kind of honey that they can only spray once in their lives, and once they spray it, they die on the spot.”

The article also quotes Kanye West speaking on his production for the album.

“The first joint I worked on for the record was ‘Takeover,’  says West, who wants to make music for the United States Postal Service. “Jay said to me, ‘Yo, we’re gonna take down Nas with this one, so I need it to be brutal.’ On my first pass, I got this children’s choir singing over a KRS-One sample on the hook like, ‘Return to sender / Return to sender / That’s what the envelope would say / If Nas were mail.’ It was dope. Jay wasn’t digging it, though, so I switched it up to what it is now.”

West also explains his work on “Izzo (H.O.V.A.)”

“For that one, he asked me to imagine Biggie somersaulting down the streets of gold in heaven,” West says. “He said I should go with whatever beat that image evoked.”

Elsewhere, Eminem talks about his appearance on “Renegade.”

“Jay and I traded verses on this track ‘Renegade,’ Eminem says, “which is pretty heavy in my opinion. But initially, it sort of blossomed out of this freestyle we were having where Jay posited that there were probably a lot more things other than pumpkins that we could be making jack-o’-lanterns out of, which broke down into this call-and-response thing where I’d name an object that could be made into a jack-o’-lantern and Jay would agree with me. So, I’d be like, ‘A potato could work,’ and then he’d be like, ‘I concur,’ and then it’d keep going like, ‘A soccer ball could work’—’Indeed, it could!’—’A dead owl could work’—’I suppose you’re right!’—and later we both said our Social Security numbers. There’s a bootleg of it somewhere on the internet, I’m pretty sure.”

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