Vince Staples says that he, like other rappers, appreciates skate culture.

“We thought we were skateboarders when we were younger,” the Long Beach, California native says to XXL at Vans Almost Summer. “That shit was crazy. We used to think that we was super-duper rappers, super-duper terror kiddy backer three time niggas.”

His upcoming album, Summertime ’06, is set to be a 2-disc project. Staples says this is to make the 20-song tracklist easier on listeners’ ears.

“Twenty songs straight back-to-back would be kind of hard, just to do things conceptually,” he says. “It helps break down stuff more and it’s easier for people, ’cause it’s a lot of music out here and it’s coming fast. So the more your music is able to be digested by the fans, the better it is.”

The 21-year old rapper says his music doesn’t need anticipation.

“You can’t really expect nothing from me,” he says. “I be doing weird shit. I be doing what I want to do. None of my projects sound like the next one. Everything stands on its own.”

Summer ’06 is slated for a June 30 release date.

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