In the past year, one of Lil Wayne’s most publicized past times has been skateboarding.

In the second webisode of his Mountain Dew series “DEWeezy,” Lil Wayne spoke on the hobby, and how it is a private experience for him.

“You can ask anyone around here,” said Wayne. “Does Wayne let anyone come to skate with him? They’ll tell you ‘No.'”

Wayne continued, explaining his drive to master the art of skateboarding. “I don’t know. It’s just something about conquering the whole idea of something difficult as riding a skateboard.”

“That’s what so great about skating to me. It’s about challenge,” added Wayne, who injured himself earlier this year skating. “It’s about a physical challenge and mental. It’s about a challenge in front of you that you actually say to yourself, ‘This can’t be done. It can’t be done by me.'”

“I really found a second love. And music is in trouble. Because I’m in love with this skateboarding shit.”

Watch the webisode below:

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