Lil Wayne has made it no secret that skateboarding is a passion of his. Recently, he experienced a the downside to that particular hobby: injuries.

Wayne recently lamented injuring his shoulder, which forced him to stay off the ramps for a week.

“Unfortunately I was skating and I tried to do an ollie down one of my banks and I tailed out at the end of it,” said Weezy in an interview from DJ Scoob Doo’s upcoming The Nino Brown Story DVD, given exclusively to MTV News.

Lil Tunechi also discussed the injury on the third installment of his video web series, “Weezy’s Sports Corner,” which was filled with the multi-platinum rapper in an arm sling.

“I kinda didn’t separate it — hopefully I didn’t separate my shoulder, but if it was separated I wouldn’t be able to move it,” he detailed. “I probably strained a muscle. I don’t know the name of the muscle, my therapist told me the name of it — I’m not sure. We were thinking I probably sprained the muscle, which is like a slight tear, which will probably take a few days to heal. A few days and I’ll be back.”

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