After placing the “Based God Curse” on the Houston Rocket’s James Harden during the NBA Playoffs, Lil B has officially lifted his curse from the athlete.

The Berkeley, California rapper made the reveal during an appearance on DJ Whoo Kid’s radio show on Shade 45. He explained that “it was about time” the curse was lifted, but did express his upset with Harden.

Lil B stated that Harden “has problems” and also a flaw in his character.

“We just lifted the curse off James Harden. Just lifted it off this morning,” Lil B said. “I got word from the Based God and it was just like—It was about time. Really, the Based God feels that there’s some things personally with James Harden that’s going on internally that we don’t even know. Cause he was lying on TMZ saying he doesn’t know about Lil B…You would think he would just have the audacity to be honest cause he has nothing to lose. He showed that he has a character—a flaw in character. And that’s scary when people can have that kind of money and that kind of influence, but still will lie. So, we have to lift the curse off him just for the simple fact that he has problems.”

In regards to the NBA Finals, Lil B revealed that he’s rooting for the Golden State Warriors.

“Going to the Warriors and Cleveland, real excited about these games,” he said. “We’ve been seeing the Warriors just play great. Fourth quarter ball, really stepping it up…I love the Warriors. I love the Warriors organization. I’mma support the Warriors til the end. So, I think at the end of the day, let’s keep the Warriors going. Keep that going cause I definitely feel like they’re taking it all the way. This is me as Lil B speaking.”

During his interview with DJ Whoo Kid, Lil B continued to diss fellow artist Chedda Da Connect, stating that the Houston, Texas lyricist is the “type of dude you really gotta watch out for.”

Lil B previously called out Chedda on Twitter over the “Flicka Da Wrist” dance, which is similar to B’s cooking dance.

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