When TMZ caught up with NBA All Star James Harden earlier this week, outside of the 1 Oak nightclub in Los Angeles , the Houston Rockets shooting guard denied knowing who Lil B is.

After Kreayshawn proved otherwise via Twitter, the celebrity gossip site caught up with the Based God to find out how he feels about Harden’s clueless comments.

“I’m extremely disappointed in James Harden,” B says during an episode of TMZ Hollywood Sports. “It’s a blatant lie. I don’t know what’s going to happen next.I’m just extremely worried about Harden.”

Later in the interview, Lil B says that he lifted the curse from Harden for the playoffs, so the Rockets loss to the Warriors in the western conference finals was not his doing. The Pack rapper also goes on to say that Lebron James is “clear from the curse right now.”

“We need answers from Lebron, I wonder if Lebron is a liar too,” B says. “Does he know about lil B? I wonder if he’ll lie.”

Watch below: