As part of a feature story for The Verge, writer Micah Singleton spoke with Tidal Chief Investment Officer Vania Schlogel about the newly-launched music streaming service, Tidal. Singleton also spoke with Jay Z as part of his feature, though the rapper’s portion was off the record.

During the interview, Schlogel revealed that the launch of Tidal could have been done better. She also responded with “no” when asked if she would do the launch the same way if she had the opportunity to do it over again.

“I just did not anticipate that within 48 hours people would jump in so quickly and tell this story for us as if it’s gospel. That was so fast,” Vania Schlogel said.

Schlogel later spoke on teaming up with a company that was established rather than taking the “DIY” approach with Tidal.

“Naturally we saw that it’s trending toward streaming, away from ownership,” she said. “That’s where we need to go, too, and that’s what we need to shape the future of…If we did this pure DIY, our time to be able to actually step in and reach the subscriber was at least 12 months or something like that. So we felt like stepping into a company that was already running was the next step.”

In regards to the criticism Tidal has received over the past several months, the chief investment officer revealed that she was down at one point, primarily due to the “misperception” of the company.

“For me personally I had this moment where I was a little down,” Schlogel said. “It wasn’t about people saying negative things, it was around the misperception that was frustrating.”

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