Back in early March, T.I. announced via Instagram that there would be a sequel to the 2006 film ATL.

Little details have surfaced since, however during an interview with last week, Lauren London—who played the role of New New in the movie—offered an update on the status of the project.

“It’s not definitely in the works,” Lauren London says. “I don’t want to be the spokesperson for it. I don’t want people take my word for it. So, no. Right now it is a concept and there’s a lot of possibilities with that.”

Later in the conversation, London spoke on where she wants to see her character heading if ATL 2 were to be produced.

“I can’t give you that,” she replied. “That’s a lot. Even my own opinion. My own opinion might be on the screen. I might have some writer credit, I don’t know. [Laughs]

“I’m not saying I do, but I’m saying I may say some sh*t that I’m not supposed to,” London continues. “I always get in trouble. But I would still want New New’s fashion to be…I feel like the character and all her aesthetics should remain important. Like her hair and her lipgloss, [etc.], I wouldn’t want to lose that. Even though she does grow up, I think she should still be funky, fresh and spunky. I would keep that.”

ATL served as T.I.’s first foray into acting. The movie earned more than $21 million while in theatres.