Kid Ink says his style is heavily influenced by comic books in a recent discussion with Footaction.

“I relate my lifestyle to a Bruce Wayne-Batman type of lifestyle,” Kid Ink says in a Footaction style video. “As soon as I get on stage, I flip and the switch comes on and then when I get off stage, I’m that chill humble guy during the day.”

The “Show Me” rapper says he has the same mindset as the comic book character.

“Bruce Wayne’s story is about being the people’s champion, always giving back,” Kid Ink says in the video. “That’s the life that I live and the mindset I have.“

Kid Ink says he was not always as confident as he is today, but he learned how to speak for himself.

“As soon as I became an artist, it’s more me having to speak for myself,” Kid Ink says in the video. “Then, of course you become the person that is speaking for other people.”

Kid Ink’s style is heavily defined by the tattoos that line his body.

“My tattoo craze started off with I watched some of the other kids growing up getting tatted and blasted,” Kid Ink says in the video. “They was like tattoo battling. By the time I got to like my eighth tattoo, my friends backed out and quit.”

The West Coast rapper says offstage he is heavily influenced by California style.

“Cali and the West Coast has influenced my style a lot.,” Kid Ink says in the video. “During the day, it’s more sportswear, shorts, sweats. Of course, just chilling with my friends and family and doing the regular stuff we do.”

Kid Ink says he takes a darker tone with his wardrobe onstage.

“I feel like onstage it needs to be something you would never even probably wear offstage,” Kid Ink says. “It’s a show so you want to give people a show. I try to step my show up so there’s a theme to it. My theme now is like a Dark Knight, Dracula theme, you know. So I’ve been sticking to a lot of blacks and stuff that looks more villainous.”

Kid Ink’s most recent album Full Speed dropped in February.

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