Cuban Link was officially introduced to Hip Hop when he rhymed on Big Pun’s platinum album “Capital Punishment.” Ever since that memorable guest appearance, he has been the most loved MC out of the Terror Squad. His distinctive flow captured the interest of the Terror Squad-founder Fat Joe and, as a result, Cuban was signed to a solo deal.

With his debut album “24K” Cuban will demonstrate that he and his Bronx-based crew, the Terror Squad, are on the rise to superstar status. Check out the guests for Cuban Link’s debut album: Angie Martinez, Big Pun, Fat Joe, Tony Sunshine Sunkiss, Pink, Noreaga, Kool G Rap, Lord Tarik, M.O.P., Lo Key Ja Rule, Remy Martin, Carl Thomas, Triple Seis, Prospect, Raze Korleone Billy Klubs, Buck 50, Reif Hustle and Don Dinero.