As part of his feature story with Fader magazine, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania rapper Meek Mill revealed that not only did Rick Ross change his life, the Maybach Music Group founder changed his family’s lives as well.

Ross also provided his own commentary for Meek’s feature, recalling the disappointment he could hear in Meek’s voice upon visiting him while the rapper was in prison last year.

“Ross changed my life. He changed my whole family’s lives,” Meek Mill said. “Ross met my grandma a lot of times. She thinks Rick Ross is her boyfriend. She’s like, ‘Where my baby at?’”

“I heard his disappointment,” Rick Ross added. “The rage he felt that he couldn’t communicate his situation in the courtroom. I remember telling him, ‘You’re not going to make this a personal fight.’”

The 28-year-old rapper also discussed his relationship with fellow artist, Nicki Minaj as part of his feature. Despite rumors of the couple being engaged, Meek revealed that it’s too early for marriage.

“It ain’t really time to get married yet. We’re still learning each other, feeling each other out,” he said.

Meek’s time spent on the battle scene in Philly, and as a rapper in the Bloodhoundz group was another topic of conversation for the musician.

“Everybody don’t always make it, but there’s always that guy back in the hood that was the shit and inspired the people that did make it…Everything was about competition and it helped shape some us growing up,” Meek said. “It makes you ambitious as a kid…But people was feeling me at the time. That was some raw shit, spending our last money putting a mixtape out.”

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