Many have considered pop star Rihanna a superhero but few have ever anticipated her fighting one in regards to namesake.

According to PageSix, DC Entertainment, the company responsible for creating Batman, has recently swooped out of the sky and blocked RiRi from trademarking her real first name, Robyn.

Robyn is famously the name of Batman’s sidekick, however the superhero’s spelling of it is “Robin.” Still, DC apparently wants no one to trademark any version of the name as they filed a complaint via the US Patent and Trademark Office on May 11.

According to the complaint, Rihanna’s first name and the name of the superhero sidekick is “virtually identical” and “consumers are likely to be deceived.” Rihanna’s firm Roraj Trade originally attempted to trademark the name last June. Her plans for the “Robyn” name were to launch an online feature magazine venture, according to the trademark papers.

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