Shady World Productions and Ground-Zero Entertainment have united forces to take you on the newest in mini-adventures from rap idol and Interscope recording artist, Eminem. A first in a series of forthcoming episodes, “The Slim Shady Show,” as featured on Eminem’s website, will turn up on both VHS and DVD at retail stores in November.

A anthology of sorts, “The Slim Shady Show,” is a 70-minute collection of original animated webisodes, behind the scenes footage, a creation of the Slim Shady documentary as well as a complete 30 minute length interview with Eminem. In addition, the lost episode and seven minutes of brand new scenes from “The Slim Shady Show” will be found on the VHS/DVD.

The innovative new scenes, which feature voice-overs by Eminem, are at this time in production. Eminem will begin and conclude the entire show, which is comprised of 42 minutes of actual animation and 28 minutes of the aforementioned behind the scenes footage, interviews and music videos.

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There will be both an edited and uncensored version of “The Slim Shady World.” The uncensored version will feature three additional minutes of previously deleted footage. “The Slim Shady Show” is planned to hit retail stores on November 6th, 2001 with a retail charge of $14.95.

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