With the city of Baltimore, Maryland serving as his hometown, King Los was asked about the current events taking place in the city, during a newly-released interview with XXLMag.com. The rapper was specifically asked about recent comments he made encouraging the people of Baltimore to “be smart” with their actions.

In regards to his past comments, he explained that “controlled chaos” doesn’t exist, but later went on to explain that it is possible to be angry and hurt, and also be smart with your actions.

“When I say ‘be smart,’ you have to understand there is no such thing as controlled chaos,” King Los said. “Chaos is chaos, man. You can’t ask natural to become unnatural, the same way you can’t ask unnatural to become natural. All I can say is just be smart. Because if you’re angry, if you’re hurt, if you’re frightened, that doesn’t mean you can’t be all those things and be smart at the same time. You have to be wise. You don’t want to burn down your own neighborhood. But some people don’t like their own neighborhood. Some people hate where they’re growing up at. So people don’t value that place when they’re not valued as humans.

“It is what it is,” he added. “I just urge anybody just to be smart. Make your moves calculated and think about not just consequence but think about the results. How you should move and how you can grow. As far as people being upset, angry and hurt, that’s been a possibility for a very long time because it’s been not right for a very long time. I can’t ask those people to act unnatural or I can’t lie to them, I just can’t. It’s not fair…It’s so real, it’s so deep and I know these kids. I know these kids personally; I’m not just watching TV. The same exact area you saw the riots, that’s my hood. That’s my neighborhood. It’s just a deeper thing when you’re really from it.”

In addition to sharing his thoughts on the happenings in Baltimore, King Los did speak in detail on his new music. The wordsmith was questioned about the message on his upcoming project, God, Money, War.

“I just feel like it’s the three most essential things that affect us on a daily basis,” the rapper said while speaking on God, Money, War. “I feel like some people might put money above everything. And I feel like I need to show God is more important than all three. God is the greatest of the three. Just got to have some pre-establishment of something greater than yourself, something greater than a human being. Something to look towards outside of just life that we live, because like I said, you can get caught up in your present conditions and your environment because you’re in it so deep everyday. What do you have outside of that to call on? When you rely on another person, when no one else can help you out of your situation, what do you have then?”