Tinashe’s fame has been at a steady incline as of late and those at the top are starting to take notice.

Coming off the recent success of her single “2 On,” the singer sat down with Hot 97 and spoke about a few things including the time when Kanye West tweeted out her music video, “All Hands On Deck.”

“I was in the studio. I’m working on new music. I’m working on my second album. So I was in the booth, I was on my focus shit.” she recalled when asked about the ‘Ye tweet. “My brother texts me and it’s a screenshot of the tweet and at first I thought it was like Photoshop. I thought someone had doctored up some image. I was like ‘Wait a minute, this is like a real tweet… This is actually crazy.’ So I had to stop singing for a second and was like ‘Hang on you guys Kanye just tweeted my music video. We have to stop, we have to cut!'” She also noted that she’s never met Kanye but is excited to once that moment finally happens.

The Lexington, Kentucky native also explained how her tour with Nicki Minaj came together and says her involvement was a result of perfect timing.

“I think her management reached out to be a part of the tour and that was pretty quickly after I found out Iggy’s tour was postponed–that I was originally gonna go on this summer,” she said. “So I was like ‘Hey that works out, that work out quite nicely.'”

Finally during the interview, Tinashe spoke about not dating rappers and rumors regarding her involvement in Future and Ciara’s relationship.

Watch the full interview segment below: