Jedi Mind Tricks set a June 2 release date for its forthcoming The Thief And The Fallen album and dropped a visual for the project’s “Deathless Light” single today (May 6), according to a press release.

The Philadelphia duo of Vinnie Paz and Stoupe recently met for dinner and decided “it’s still there,” so they started working on the project. The Thief And The Fallen will be the group’s first album since 2011’s Violence Begets Violence.

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TTATF is partially inspired by the fantasy and horror works of Clive Barker. He wrote Hellraiser, Candyman and executive produced the Oscar-winning Gods and Monsters. “It’s a dark record,” Vinnie Paz says in the press release.

“Deathless Light” samples “Aphasia” by The Budos Band.

The video for “Deathless Light” and cover art for The Thief And The Fallen are as follows: