On October 25, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania veteran Hip Hop group Jedi Mind Tricks will release their seventh studio album, Violence Begets Violence. The group of Vinnie Paz, Jus Allah and DJ Kwestion no longer includes co-founder and producer Stoupe, who submitted tracks to VBV, but left the group based on creative differences.

In an interview with Respect-Mag.com, Vinnie Paz further elaborated on Stoupe’s status with JMT. “Find [Stoupe’s] phone number. Tell him to give us 10-15 beats that we love and it will be the next record,” said Paz on a potential reunion on future projects. “To call it a breakup – Nah! Give us 13 good beats. If not, we are not here dwelling, dissing the guy. We have no intent on that, that’s stupid. We made music together for a long time, we grew up together. We are not like that. We also have an obligation to ourselves and our mothers, this is what we do.”

The group, who has been recording and performing since the early 1990s, rarely featured Stoupe in public appearances or interviews. Paz added, “Me and Jus [Allah] didn’t even see the dude anyway. Since ’92, he’s probably done like 10 things with us socially. What really is changing?”

Shuko, Demoz and others are producing Violence Begets Violence, which releases next week. Read the full Jedi Mind Tricks interview with Respect-Mag.com.