Although it was just recently when Atlanta, Georgia rapper OG Maco broke into the mainstream with his record, “U Guessed It,” he says he doesn’t see new artists as his competition. Instead, he revealed that he’s competing with the likes of Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar, and Drake.

In addition to speaking on his competition, OG Maco also spoke on meeting Def Jam Records co-founder Rick Rubin, during a newly-published interview with Vlad TV.

“I’m competing with ‘Ye and Drake and Kendrick and shit,” OG Maco said. “I’m not competing with all these new ass artists…Rick fuck with my music. My boy Pablo Dylan, good friend of mine. We been making a bunch of music together. He told Rick I was making amazing music with him. Hit my people up, flew me out. Talked about a lot of stuff. Talked about a lot of music. Me, him, and James Blake played a few records. He liked what he heard.”

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OG Maco also continued to express his distaste for his record, “U Guessed It.” He stated that the song had “a trash-ass beat,” and added that it was on a whim that he chose to make the song.

“It is,” the rapper said when asked about calling “U Guessed It” trash in a past interview. “I mean, my catalog explains itself. People keep asking me what’s my next, hit song. It’s like 85 of them on my fuckin’ Soundcloud. You just wait on the world to stop being stupid. But at some point—At that point in my life when ‘U Guessed It’ [came out] I was tired of waiting for ‘em right then…By the time I made ‘U Guessed It’ that was like my seventh mixtape. Who has heard the other six before that? Not too many people. That was my seventh mixtape. I was like ‘Man, look bro, I’m really good on all this shit. I’m just gonna make this random ass hit.’ And I had more amazing music that I was making at the exact same time…’U Guessed It’ was a shit beat. It was a trash-ass beat. The lyrics were great only for the simple fact that it was direct.”