Miami-born emcee Eskeerdo recently stopped by HipHopDX’s headquarters and spoke with DX Daily about Cuba’s rocky relationship with the United States.

During the conversation, Eskeerdo, who has family based in Cuba, says mending the relationship between the two countries is going to take a while and little has changed in the last decade.

“It’s going to take some time. Still nothing’s changed,” he said. “Absolutely nothing’s changed. I can’t just go to Cuba right now. Hopefully in the next five years/ten years, they’ll set my people free.” Eskeerdo also spoke about his own family and the trials and tribulations they currently go through in Cuba.

“It’s difficult man. I’m just glad the United States has dropped the embargo and now we can start shipping goods and stuff,” he said referring to the United States’ longstanding trade embargo with the island nation. “But let’s see how far it goes. I’m not holding my breath man. I’ve got family over there struggling, doing very bad and we’re just hoping for the best. That’s all we’re doing.”

Eskeerdo is slated to release his next album, Cuban Jesus in July. He recently released his self-titled EP, Eskeerdo.

Watch the full DX Daily segment below:

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