Dame Dash has been blasting his former wife, Rachel Roy, on Instagram.

Today (May 1), Dame posted a photo of “Tally hearts Ava,” spelled out in rose petals.

“Miss my babies @ava_dash and Tallulah I’ll be able to be a father again soon #hustleforyourlastnamenotyourfirst some goofball piece of shit lawyer is going to legally pay for separating a good dad from his children just to make money in legal fees…a bad lawyer is the worst piece of shit on the earth they can’t have a soul…weak people will violate all principles and morals even hurt children for money after I make them pay karma is really gonna do a number on them #dashkarma #dontgetscared #coward #donnellsuarezisanerd,” Dame Dash wrote on the post.

Next, Dash posted a photo of him posing for the camera, while pushing his daughter on a bike. The accompanying message read:

“What kind of mother would separate her kids from a good father who protects them and takes care of them in every way and would try to put them in jail over money…what kind of man would do that to a child for money…take there protector away so they can feed their kids #donnellsuarezisanerd lawyers and emotional women are a dangerous thing for good dads and good children and must be stopped… I’m gonna fight for mine they need me…but what kind of person does that #badtaste #corny”

He lost custody of his two kids to Roy on April 21. Three days later, he filed a $2.5 million lawsuit again her, claiming that she breached contracts.

Dash’s Instagram posts are below:

How could the mother of this child put his dad in jail for money…she actually went to a judge and asked him to put me in jail over extorting me right after I gave her 128 grand for a house that I didn’t have to…what is the human intent in that…how can I make money that we all know that I give all to my family in jail?…and then pay another dude to do it…money that would go into your child’s mouth…why would a mom rob her son of a father and her sons money and his ability to make money… Does that add up… Look what can happen to a good dude…a good father…a good friend… Look who hurts the good guy the most….life is funny…please learn from my experience but all dads keep fighting to raise your kids…they need you and it’s worth it…good job Cindy @_pgtv @cleanliness watch how a man raises his kids #royals how can I be a dad in jail

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