Gadsden, Alabama’s Yelawolf held an exclusive event for fans on Tuesday (April 21) at The Overpass in Los Angeles. Roughly 150 fans were treated to a meet-n-greet with the Shady Records emcee as well as a private three-song performance which featured Travis Barker playing the drums. Yelawolf also played his latest album, Love Story, in its entirety.

Wolf performed Love Story selections “Box Chevy V,” “Whiskey In A Bottle” and “Till It’s Gone.” Between songs, he shared anecdotes and backstories about the singles.

“‘Whiskey In A Bottle’ is about coming of age,” he said. “A lot of Hip Hop, rock & roll, all the genres, they want to tie you down and keep you looking like a baby and acting like a baby. I want to be grown, old and funky. I wanna be Willie Nelson. I wanna be Johnny Cash. I admire people who grow with age and I hate when people try to pull you down because, ‘Oh, you 30 now so you don’t count.’ Fuck you. Really I’m like whiskey. I get better with age and that’s what this song is.”

Yelawolf also explained that “Till It’s Gone,” which premiered on an episode of Sons Of Anarchy, was supported by Hip Hop, country and alternative rock radio stations simultaneously.

“It’s the first song on the album that I feel like tied the project together and made the perfect sense,” Yelawolf said. “People didn’t know where or how to place it, which made it even better for me. It somehow made its way to alternative rock radio worldwide. It also has some spins on country music radio like outlaw country stations on Sirius. Of course, Shade45 always supports my music. So at one point in time I had country, Hip Hop and rock & roll stations spinning the record.”

The Shady Records emcee also explained that he still intends to giveaway the 1967 Chevy C10 featured in the video for “Box Chevy V” to a contest winner, but the logistics of the giveaway have been drowned in paperwork.

“We’re trying to figure it out,” he explained. “It’s a legal nightmare. We can’t fucking get through the paperwork. But once we do, somebody’s gonna win that shit.”

Yelawolf’s Love Story is currently available for stream and for purchase. HipHopDX can also confirm that a videos have been shot for “Best Friend” featuring Eminem as well as “Johnny Cash.”

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