When asked about being called “Bitch Homie Quan” by Young Thug, during a past interview with Vlad TV, rapper Rich Homie Quan remained relatively silent on the matter. But during an appearance on ESPN’s “Highly Questionable” this week, Quan revealed that he was “hurt” by Young Thug’s diss.

He went on to state that he would “never disrespect” Thugger in the way he was disrespected.

“My first reaction was ‘My brother called me Bitch Homie Quan?’ And I took my glasses off,” Rich Homie Quan said while appearing on “Highly Questionable.” “To be honest, not even in my feelings, it hurt. Not hurt as in ‘Oh, I’mma cry.’ ‘Dog bro, I would never disrespect you, point blank period.’ It’s some stuff you do and some stuff you don’t do. And it’s a certain way you do things. And that’s not one of the ways I would have done it.”

Before speaking on Young Thug’s comments, Quan detailed the most desperate time in his life. He revealed that despite graduating with a 3.2 grade point average and playing baseball for four years, he received a felony after being arrested for burglary.

“My most desperate time would have to have been when I got locked up,” he said. “I got locked up for burglary. Keep in mind that I graduated with a 3.2 grade point average, so at that time I knew I had a felony, which is a F on my report card. I can’t be that doctor I wanted to be anymore. I can’t be that lawyer I wanted to be anymore. I played baseball from 14 to 18. So, those are out of the—No more baseball. Me being locked up, I thought about it, I said ‘Quan, what are you good at’…So, I started off with writing poetry.”

Lastly, in regards to his alleged assault on a bouncer at Miami’s Club LIV, Quan joked about the incident.

“Look at me? Do I look like I would knock—The man was every bit of 400 pounds, man. He’s a bouncer. That’s like Muggsy Bogues knocking out Shaq. It would never happen. Never happen,” the rapper said.