Although Daz Dillinger may have won a past lawsuit against Suge Knight, the Long Beach, California rapper says the former Death Row Records CEO put a restraining order on him “for life.” While speaking with Vlad TV, Daz revealed that for nearly 20 years now every time he goes through customs he’s stopped.

He also offered his thoughts on the deadly hit-and-run allegedly involving Knight, stating that “karma” ultimately found its way to the former music exec.

“I could’ve jumped out on his ass in Vegas,” Daz Dillinger said while speaking on Knight. “It was killing me. But Snoop was like ‘Hold on. Don’t fuck this up.’ So, I’m like—I respected that. I’ll get him another day. But I ain’t gotta get his ass. Karma and the Lord works in mysterious ways. Yeah, I seen it. It’s a shame what he did, you know? I don’t wish no bad on nobody…I ain’t never had that many cases and still on the street…He used to work for the police in Rampart. I mean, he had a lot of officers that worked with him in the Rampart Police Department…They dirty though. They put a restraining [order] on me for life…When I go through customs, when I go out of the country I always get pulled over…So, I gotta go to court for that. But I’m getting it off cause they like ‘This is unheard of.’”

While speaking on the lawsuit he won against Knight, Daz spoke on the other issues he’s faced involving publishing. According to the West Coast wordsmith, his lyrics have been used by others “for years” without compensation.

“Now, as far as the new people, that’s licensing our shit out. And I had a problem with people that was using our lyrics,” he said. “And I was asking the publishers ‘What’s up with this?’ Cause you go on a site called and you put an artist’s name it shows you everybody that took a piece of song from you. And I’m like ‘Everybody been taking lyrics for years and making—building they social network and they album sales off lyrics that we did.’ I want my shit. I was fighting for it all these years and now I finally got the attention.”

Daz Dillinger’s interview with Vlad TV can be found below.

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